SAĞLAMİŞ INC exists to offer the desired product with appropriate technological production and engineering services in the production of Steel Wire and Spring. For this purpose,

  1. All employees are approached with a sense of fairness, regardless of language, religion, race or gender.
  2. Bribery is not used in any work carried out, no manipulation is made in any official document, all documents, records, reports are transparent and reliable.
  3. Harassment, abuse, ill-treatment and pressure are unacceptable and measures are taken to prevent it from being applied.
  4. It is not allowed to come to the workplace under the influence of alcohol-drugs, as it will adversely affect occupational safety and employee health.
  5. All employees are insured by the SSI from the moment they start working.
  6. Child labor cannot be accepted in any way. In case of encountering and detecting child labor in our suppliers, the most beneficial way for the child will be followed, our customer IKEA will be informed and the purchase of goods from the supplier will be stopped.
  7. Employees are free to use their right to join (or not to join) related organizations and to participate in collective bargaining negotiations.
  8. To comply with the requirements of the IWAY standard and the conditions specified in the law, to closely monitor the relevant requirements in matters concerning our company and to keep this information systematically up-to-date.