Poultry Industry

Sağlamiş Inc. starts the production of coil springs with wire drawing, which is the first step of the process.
Our ability to draw our own wire allows us to have the advantage of controlling the critical mechanical properties of the wire. provides. This feature is the best possible way to produce reliable feederflex® coil springs. forms the basis for us to create good helical wire.

Satisfied feederflex® coil springs are divided into two main groups according to their usage areas;
panflex® Coil spring: In-house feeding system applications
siloflex® Coil spring: Feed transport applications from silo to poultry house

Our strength is the stability in our quality...

Why Sağlamiş?

  • 60+ Years of Experience
  • Expert Staff
  • Export to 20+ Countries
  • Customer Focused Approach
  • R&D Activities
  • Sustainable Quality
  • Compliance with IWAY standards
  • Wide Product Range