Electrophoretic Lacquer Coating

It is a technical planning method with electricity. This coating includes polymeric jam, paint, cleanings and diluents. Resin coating (10-20%) provides protection of this corrosion. Pigments provide color coating, gloss and corrosion protection

The maximum capacity that can be coated in the lacquer line is L: 90 cm x W: 50 cm x H: 100 cm.

Lacquer Coating Advantages

  • High efficiency,
  • High quality control from raw material to final product
  • Capacity to be applied to most materials (metal, ceramic, polymer)
  • Coating , has a higher speed than other alternative methods.
  • Tank stability is excellent.
  • It has consistent performance.
  • It has very high resistance to mechanical impacts. It has the potential to self-repair upon impact (cathodic protection)
  • Kompex parts provide 100% coverage. Both internal and external surfaces are covered perfectly.
  • There is no spillage, no peeling on coated surfaces.

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