Furniture and Upholstery Industry

By starting the production of zig-zag spring from “wire rod”, we are able to control any kind of comfort level requested by our customers. Not only by changing the dimensions of the wire and zig-zag springs, but also using our know-how of drawing wire in order to get specific tensile for the requested length of zig-zag spring.

Since 1958, we have been manufacturing steel wire and wire products and by using our know-how to deal with steel, we always manufacture the best products for the industries we supply. Zig-zag springs produced by Saglamis are superior to alternatives used in the furniture industry.

Our strength is the stability in our quality...

Why Sağlamiş?

  • 60+ Years of Experience
  • Expert Staff
  • Export to 20+ Countries
  • Customer Focused Approach
  • R&D Activities
  • Sustainable Quality
  • Compliance with IWAY standards
  • Wide Product Range