Laser Cutting Service

HD-F 3014 FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE; It offers quality, performance and efficiency with its fiber laser technology. Fiber lasers come to the forefront with their faster cuts, especially compared to CO2 lasers. It cuts at high quality standards even in difficult cuts, even in larger material thicknesses. Innovative technologies are combined with proven concepts within aesthetic and safety limits. It cuts by providing the best performance. With the capacitive distance sensor integrated into the cutting head, the cutting head is not affected by the height difference in the sheet metal even at high speeds.

Axis movements are made with state-of-the-art linear motors that can achieve very high acceleration and movement speed values. Thanks to linear motors, very high acceleration (Compound 35 m/s²), high movement speed (Compound 226 m/min.) and precise positioning tolerance (0 ,03 mm) values are reached. It can cut 3060 mm in X axis and 1530 mm in Y axis and 160 mm in Z axis.

Our strength is the stability in our quality...

Why Sağlamiş?

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