Quality Policy

SAĞLAMİŞ INC exists to offer the desired product with appropriate technological production and engineering services in the production of Steel Wire and Spring. For this purpose,

  1. To fully and accurately understand the basic needs, wishes and expectations of our customers.
  2. To increase our product quality and reduce our costs while meeting these expectations and needs on time.
  3. To follow the technological development in the world and to create our own technology.
  4. To provide the necessary training and investments for the efficient use of energy and to continuously increase energy efficiency.
  5. To implement the concept of continuous improvement in our management system, processes and products.
  6. To value the happiness, contribution and participation of our employees and to provide the necessary trainings.
  7. To consider occupational safety and worker health as an indispensable part of our employees.
  8. To comply with the conditions specified in the laws, to follow the relevant legal requirements closely and to keep this information up-to-date in a systematic way.