1. Article 1 – ) Definition of Confidential Information
  2. All kinds of information obtained by the company itself, its workers, agents or employees of the other party itself, its workers, agents or employees or in any way, even if the secret is not subject to legal protection, any other innovations and what the parties will learn in written or verbal way during the relationship between them. All personal, commercial, financial, technical, subscription and speech information is considered confidential.

  3. Article 2 – ) Protection of Confidential Information
  4. The company, this confidential information disclosed to them by the other party;

    a) protect in great secrecy,

    b) not to give and/or publicize to any third party in any way whatsoever,

    c) They undertake not to use them for purposes other than the purposes of the commercial relationship between them, except for the permissions they have received directly or indirectly.

    The company can only give this information to its workers, sub-employees and other people who need to learn this information in case of necessity and due to their job, however, they warn their workers, sub-employees and other people working under them regarding the confidentiality of the information. The Company accepts and undertakes in advance that its employees, sub-employees and other persons working under them will not act in breach of their contractual obligations and that they will be directly responsible if they act in such a way.

  5. Article 3 – ) Information Not Confidential Information
  6. a) public domain information,

    b) Information that must be disclosed pursuant to applicable laws or regulations or a court decision or administrative order,

    c) Information on other rights it has by law (Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant legislation),


  7. Article 4 – ) Exclusive Ownership
  8. Each party has a right to confidential information about them.

  9. Article 5 – ) Precautions to Take
  10. When the company is aware that the confidential information of the other party has been disclosed in violation of the contract by the persons it is responsible for, it is obliged to notify the other party immediately and in writing.

    The party, whose confidential information has been disclosed in violation of the contract, has the right to apply to all legal remedies and to demand the compensation of all kinds of damages from the other party, upon this notification or by itself, at the expense of the other party.

  11. Article 6 – ) Return of Materials Containing Confidential Information
  12. Any material containing confidential information will be terminated by one of the methods of anonymisation, destruction or destruction at the end of the commercial relationship between the parties or the termination of this confidentiality agreement and in any case, at the end of the periods required by law.

  13. Article 7 – ) Disclosure of Confidential Information
  14. The company cannot transfer this information to third parties, distribute it in any way or by any means, disclose it through media organs and media outlets, or use it for advertising purposes, except for the cases specified in the clarification text and the cases expressly stated in the law.

  15. Article 8 – ) Transfer and Duration
  16. İşbu enters into force from the date of signature of the contract and remains in effect unless terminated jointly by the parties. Even if the commercial relationship between the parties ends, the confidentiality obligations in this agreement will continue to be valid. This agreement or any right herein is not transferable in whole or in part.

  17. Article 9 – ) Partial Invalidity
  18. If any of the contract clauses of İşbu is deemed invalid or cancelled, this does not affect the validity of the other clauses of the contract.

  19. Article 10 – ) Contract Change
  20. This agreement supersedes all written and oral agreements that may have been made by the parties before, especially regarding confidentiality. The company can make unilateral changes in the privacy policy.